About Me!

Hi! I go by Leanne and I am a (very amateur/aspiring) cultural critic and writer. I am currently an undergraduate student in Cultural Studies at the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies at the University of Leeds. I have a lot of freedom in what I pursue academically, so I tend to write about video games, literature, gender, postmodernity, postcoloniality and conceptions of the Orient, textuality, authorship and readership and many permutations and combinations of these and others, often within scaffolds of critical theory and psychoanalysis. I enjoy almost everything I do academically, but I still feel that I am beholden to particular structures that ultimately limit my expression and enjoyment in my writing. This blog is more of a space for me to reclaim my love of writing as a personal hobby and pursue a more looser approach to just writing about things I want to (read: mainly video games).

I've attempted to blog many times, on many platforms, but I've often just got bored or too discouraged to stick with it. Having my own curated space that requires me to put in some effort will hopefully keep me on my toes and focused on exactly what I want to do with such a space. I don't think I'll have a strict schedule to update this blog or anything, but my current record is two posts a year on my Wordpress and I aim to do better than that having went to all the trouble of setting this up!

Feel free to contact me using the link to my twitter in the footer if you'd like to. I am very slow at responding to requests or messages so please bear with me.